Keeping a track of best jobs.

We all attend school to obtain an education with which we can, pursue lucrative careers in suitable jobs. Leaving school and then going up a step or two on the higher education ladder would provide you an additional asset when seeking jobs in Sri Lanka.

Coming through the gates of your school and going over to the University, would place you in good stead to succeed in a top job. The right qualifications obtained by burning the midnight lamp, is surely going to place you on a better footing than someone else with lesser qualifications, when you appear before an interview board armed with a cv seeking a top job Sri Lanka and that is a fact.

We need to get all our horses together before we tie the cart, and this is so even when we plan to embark on a top jobs seeking exercise. Once we have all the right qualifications tucked up under our arm we can confidently walk with our head held high and seek the topjobs we would be capable of fitting in like a hand into a glove.

When you are seeking Sri Lankan jobs especially on the very popular rakiyawa job vacancies website, being well prepared is advisable. Your first impression at an interview board, with a detailed but concise cv is important. The board will see how you present yourself and that is very important like your cv.

At rakiyawa there are plenty of new jobs advertised regularly giving aspiring applicants a very wide choice of vacancies. The vacancies advertised are multifold with some very interesting new job vacancies for discerning job applicants. To succeed in a top job you need to have all the requirements and sometimes even more.

You may need to have the right attitude, aptitude and the common sense that would hold you in good stead. If you want the best jobs to come your way, you should not only arm yourself with qualifications, but would need other attributes too, which are as important as paper qualifications.

Keeping a track of the top jobs being advertised regularly on your popular rakiyawa website will give the impetus you need to seek Sri Lankan jobs that you could succeed and be happy about the choice you made, looking back one day.



Receiving an invitation to a party makes us important, in that social circle. We all love to be seen around and mingle with the crowd of revelers, with the Music bands dishing out the tempo and to have a nice time enjoying every bit of the few hours, the party is on.

The colourful Dancing troops swaying their lithe bodies to the scintillating music is sure to keep all those at the party on their toes.

The party venue would be given the pomp and pageantry of resplendent colours with professional Decorators doing what they do best, with the balloons and other flowery innovations to give the mood to rock.  

The atmosphere with the Party lighting dancing to the beats of the drums, and the voices of the revelers barely audible above the incessant music are what we would cherish when we return to our home and reminisce the good time we had.

The Photographers and Videographers running helter-skelter to get the best angles to catch the special moments, and record it for posterity, adds to the prevailing party mood. They will cut no corners to bring the best out of everyone at the party, and look at their finished product with pride and joy. It is their professional touch that will be remembered when everything is over.

The food to will be great, with experienced and deft fingered chefs from the Catering services, turning out a rich gourmet of delectable cuisine to suit every palate. Great food makes great parties and a huge responsibility lies on the chefs to twist their magic fingers and bring a super spread onto the dining table. The Cake suppliers turning out the very best in pastry, is a very traditional requirement coming down generations, and no party is complete without one.

The Beauticians would have their hands full, getting those at the center of attraction looking their very best. There is nothing more important in a party than for everyone to look great and feel great. The feeling great comes from the atmosphere, but the looking great is better left to those skilful hands, of professionals.

At the end of the day hitching a ride in one of the many Hiring cars provided would see a day well spent in joy and happiness.

The catwalk is no cakewalk

To progress in any profession and reach the pinnacle one needs hard work, perseverance, commitment, attitude among many other attributes. Modelling is no different but unlike many other professions you have to take in the glitz, glamour and the unrelenting pressure, to be on top of your responsibilities.

The moment you relax you could be swept off from the limelight. This has happened to many international Super models and others around the world. Whilst being a career that could bring you rich dividends, it could also bring you anxiety, sadness and disappointment.

Established and nurtured since the year 2013, Bexhibit has provided the ideal platform where models for fashion shows and other seasonal events have got the breakthrough they have so desperately longed for.

Being at the right place at the right time, is an age old saying that holds water even in today’s context, and those models who have been aspiring for the big league must grasp every opportunity they get, and a fashion event may be the answer that they have been looking for, to get them off the ground.

With the apparel industry here entering the catwalks of the world’s fashion cities Sri Lankan models, have got the breakthrough they very badly need, but it has been limited to our shores only. For models in Sri Lanka to go beyond the seas and grace the catwalks of other major cities, whilst being elusive is not impossible if the right attitudes are projected. The recent example of one of our own and very popular Sri Lankan hot models going great guns in Bollywood is testimony to this.

The best place for advertising, marketing and modelling agencies, to work with reputed directors and hire Sri Lankan models would be the Bexhibit platform. We have some of the best female models and male models whose profiles could be accessed after completing a procedural registration process.

We maintain a very confidential relationship with all our stakeholders and no information is divulged to a third party without prior approvals. This has been our forte and we would always respect the privacy of everyone concerned. A majority of our Sri Lankan hot models prefer to register with us because of our absolute commitment to safeguard their interests at all times whilst providing them bona fide professional connections.